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Get set for the most memorable first birthday celebration with Circus Circus

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Get set for the most memorable first birthday celebration with Circus Circus

Best party is a theme party!!

Your child might not be pronouncing his/her preferences in clear words but you sure acknowledge the influence they have in this one year of parenthood. Why not translate those influences into a party theme? At one, it is not going to be difficult to pick your child’s taste. And, if you need a clear picture on themes Circus Circus can bring you ample options to your plate. Right from princess theme to a superhero, avenger junkie to a devil’s child you name it and Circus Circus will bring it right to your doorstep. You can then ahead go for the theme costumes which will then bring even more designated party feel to your theme

Get the simple games for your child

At the first birthday, your child sure can’t go out and play around on their own. Circus Circus provides rental child friendly chairs , high chairs and tables which in total sync of the party ambience. Simple games will please your toddler the most, we suggest you put together games like ‘Row the board’, ‘Round and Round the garden’ also one game which never goes wrong with pre-schooler is ‘Peek-a-boo’ they will sure like it more in a party set-up where there will be many faces to have a peek-a-boo. You may also add ‘find a toy’ games to engage the child guests and make them have gala time. 

Plan the right return gift for your party

While hosting a party it becomes obvious that your guests will bring in lot of presents, and the courtesy calls says you should do the same. Since, it is the first birthday celebration, you will be at a chaos anyway. Getting the baby ready alongside family and friends coming over it will be a hell of a ride. And, the chirpy little monsters will be adding their bit to the already strenuous ambiance. So, to keep your mind at peace and still maintain the sweet gesture for your guests we suggest you go for toys as an option for return gifts.



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